Best Blends for the Winter Season

Best Blends for the Winter Season
Winter darkness has settled in and it is cold to the bone. You want to snuggle up by the fire with your two hands cupping a warm brew. We tend to crave those dark, spicy, and roasty brews to warm up our bodies. And, because we  catch sickness during the cold season, having immune-boosting herbs in the mix can only help us quell future illness. Even more, because we don't drink as much water during the dry winter months due to its cold temperature, we are dehydrated most of the time. Pure herbal tea is a great way to stay both hydrated and warm during those winter months. With all those considerations, here are four Wild Coast Brew blends that will get you through the winter.

The Protector

A bold infusion that balances the sweetness of elderberries, the earthiness of nettles, the richness of black tea, and the spiciness of ginger. A delicious brew to heal the body. Contains caffeine

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The Shadow

A deep and daring brew featuring the distinct warmth, spiciness, and sweethness of holy basil (tulsi), black tea, milky oats, and cinnamon. A contemplative and nourishing blend for times of self-discovery. Contains caffeine

The Dreamer

A tranquil blend of creamy peppermint, soothing chamomile, valerian, and california poppy. Fragrant and smooth, this is the blend to calm the soul. Herbal.

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The Trickster 

LIMITED SEASONAL. An audacious brew with distinct notes of roasted malt brought on by charred myrtle nuts. The earthy artist’s conk, sweet fireweed, and spicy cinnamon lends a warm chai-like flavor. A forager’s delight. Mildly stimulating.

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